Our story

Our story

October 2015. The beginning of something bigger than yourself, without knowing it.

Behind an extraordinary team is a mother who launched this beautiful project. Let me introduce myself, Emilie, 27 years old, mother of two adorable children who have changed my life. It was after giving birth to my first child that I discovered my passion for making cloth diapers. I have always been concerned about the environment and disposable diapers have never been an option. I was pleasantly surprised to see how much I loved making diapers for my little pancakes, so why not share this passion with the world!   Going into business was not easy, but the amazing support of my loved ones allowed me to get where I am today. Little by little, my team has grown and we are now like family and well established in Drummondville. We proudly make eco-friendly cloth diapers that keep your baby away from a variety of chemicals. Our values ​​make us an extraordinary team who ensures to always deliver you the best eco-friendly products. Visit our online shop to discover all our products.

Roxanne Vincent-Mathieu

Émilie Langlois

April 2019: Roxanne.

Roxanne. A friendship that began in September 1999 as the Saint-Simon elementary school year started. A friendship that has stood the test of time stronger than a rock.

After long discussions, questions, careful thought and ready to quit a long-standing job, Roxanne told me in April 2019 that she wanted to join me in the Lili adventure. I was ecstatic! Before long it was clear that I wanted to share this business with her for the long term. Our friendship grew even stronger, and our brains think alike when it comes to strategic directions or important business decisions.

Roxanne’s contribution since her arrival is phenomenal. Immediately, she got involved as if she had always been a part of the project. She brought a breath of fresh air, sparkling dynamism, and new ideas of grandeur to the company.

The saying that alone we go faster, but together we go further, applies perfectly.

In the last year, we have worked in symbiosis, complementing each other, and motivating each other to always go further, to always think bigger.

After an eventful move in September 2020, we are ready, with our amazing team, to make a high performance, ethical and trendy cloth diaper more accessible than ever so that together we reduce this monumental burden that disposable diapers represent on future generations.